G. Report Distribution

R&D maintains mailing lists for announcing and distributing its reports internally and externally. Mailing lists are maintained for the following:

1) State depository libraries

(2) Judges

(3) County alcohol program administrators

(4) Local and school/university libraries

(5) Governor's traffic safety office of each state

(6) Private traffic safety and transportation researchers and organizations

(7) Various departmental employee group and management lists

(8) American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

(9) Federal and international governmental highway safety organizations

(10) National Technical Information Service

Report distribution to the above groups varies as a function of the subject matter of the report and its potential relevance to the recipients.

All reports and papers produced by the R&D Branch, including those referenced herein, are summarized in a compendium publication entitled California Department of Motor Vehicles Research Studies - A Summary of Findings and Conclusions, Report No. 184, (May, 1999).

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