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What can I expect during a Supplemental Driving Performance Evaluation?

The Supplemental Driving Performance Evaluation test includes all the elements of a basic license driving test and some additional driving elements designed to evaluate a person’s cognitive function and safe-driving ability. These additional driving elements are:

  • Multiple directions — Your driving test examiner will give you two directions at one time. The examiner is checking to see if you understand and can properly follow both directions. For example, the examiner will ask you to “Change lanes to the left and at the next street, make a left turn.” You should be able to perform all the tasks necessary to make a safe lane change and turn into the proper lane at the next street.
  • Additional lane changes — Your driving test examiner will evaluate how you make lane changes. Do you signal properly and check for traffic in the lane into which you want to move (look over either your right or left shoulder)? Do you use your mirrors?
  • Concentration — Your driving test examiner will talk with you at certain times during your driving test. Distractions are common when driving, and the examiner is checking to see if you are able to respond briefly to these distractions without making any driving errors.
  • Freeway or highway driving — Your driving test examiner will ask you to merge onto a freeway and drive a short distance in freeway traffic.
    IMPORTANT: If you absolutely do not wish to drive on any freeway, you should discuss this with the examiner. An option for you would be to have a “No Freeway Driving” restriction placed on your driver license, and you will not have to take this portion of the driving test.
  • Destination trip — Your driving test examiner will ask you to drive to a location about two blocks from the DMV office. The examiner will then ask you to drive back to the DMV office without any assistance or direction using the same streets you just used to get to your location. The examiner is checking for memory lapses and disorientation. This task is usually the last part of the Supplemental Driving Performance Evaluation test.

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