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Senior Ombudsman Program

In a continuing effort to keep seniors driving for as long as they can do so safely, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has created a Senior Ombudsman Program.

There are four ombudsmen assigned to this program who are located in various parts of California. The primary function of the Ombudsman Program is to represent the interest of public safety for all Californians with a special interest in addressing the concerns of senior drivers. The ombudsmen can assist as a “go-between” to ensure that senior drivers are treated fairly, consistent with laws and regulations, and with the dignity and respect they deserve. The Ombudsmen are available to assist in individual cases, as well as participate in outreach seminars to large and small audiences to promote driver safety in California with an emphasis on senior issues.  DMV Senior Ombudsmen are available to assist you at the following locations:

Sacramento/Northern California (916) 657-6464

San Francisco/Oakland (510) 563-8998

Orange/San Bernardino/San Diego (714) 705-1588

Los Angeles/Oxnard (310) 412-6103


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