Trucker’s Corner: Got your ears on?

The information on the following pages has been developed specifically for truck drivers. DMV wants to help promote truck driver safety on the road. This page provides links to helpful information on this website and to other truck driver websites. By joining this area of interest you may receive emails from the DMV.

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Tanker Truck Image
Find out what is needed to apply for a commercial driver license, how much it will cost and what special instructions you may need.
Commercial Registration
Obtain the registration application and calculate the fees to either register your truck for the first time or renew its registration.
Truck Driver Safety
This section contains general knowledge and safe driving practices which all commercial drivers should know. We have included some basic information on hazardous materials and wastes. You can find more detailed information on truck driver safety in our Commercial Driver Handbook.
California Commercial Driver Handbook
View our latest version of the California Commercial Driver Handbook and learn about the rules of the road
Practice Test
Before you take your actual Commercial Driver exam, practice with our online sample test here
Additional Information
This section provides links to additional information that may interest you.

Locations and Hours
Find the office nearest to apply for a commercial license.
Commercial Test #1 | Commercial Test #2
Before you take your actual commercial exam, practice with our online written test.