Subpoena DS 2000P Instructions

You need version 5 or above of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, fill out and print this form. If you have problems with Acrobat Reader or our PDF forms go to Adobe Troubleshooting.

Subpoena Instructions:

  • When you place the cursor over the field to be completed, a descriptive text will appear.

  • When completing item #3 on page 1 of the subpoena, you must type your name or the representative as the contact person to call, not the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Prior to printing the form, whether the form will be completed on-line or by hand, the Respondent/Representative name and address fields located at the bottom of page 2 must be completed as in the example below:

    This is a graphic that point out area to place attorney's name, title, address and telephone number

  • You Must select the print button print button located at the bottom of page 3. DO NOT select the Print Command from the File menu or the print iconprinter icon on the tool bars.

If you are not able to complete the form on-line, you may request the form from your local Driver Safety Field Office.

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