Bonded Web User - Request for Live Scan Service

This form must be completed by all BWU employees who will have access to the Department of Motor Vehicle’s records. This form must be completed and provided to the Live Scan technician prior to the Live Scan fingerprinting process. When completing Section 3 of the form, please mark “Permit” for the type of application, and then write–in “Bonded Web User Program”. When at the Live Scan site, relay to the technician that you are a registration service. For a list of available Live Scan service providers in your area, please visit:

This form is not available online as the BWU Program requires the triplicate carbon form be used. If you are interested in obtaining this form, please:

  1. Visit your local field office to obtain one. DMV Field Office locations can be found at:
  2. Email the BWU Program mailbox at and request that the form be mailed to you.

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