Commercial Requester Information Handbook (3)

Commercial Requester Accounts

1. Who can apply for a Commercial Requester Account (CRA)?Any person or business who has a legitimate business need for obtaining DMV information can apply for a requester code account. (See page 6.001 for definition of legitimate business need). For further information please see California Code of Regulations (CCR) 350.02(1).

2. How do I apply for a CRA and requester code?

You must submit a completed application for a commercial requester code account.

3. Which form(s) do I need to complete for a CRA application?

See “Commercial Requester Forms”, page 6.003, for a list of forms that are required.
4. Are there different types of accounts and what do I need for each type?

Yes. Currently, you can apply to be an End-User or Reseller/Service Provider (Contact the Account Processing Unit at (916) 657-5564 for additional information).
5. Is there a fee for the Commercial Requester Account?

Yes. Fees to apply for a requester code account are due with the application and renewable every 2 years, the fees are:

  • Basic Record (Without residence address) - $50
  • With residence address - $250 (a surety bond of $50,000 is also required). (See page 1.003)
6. How will I know if my application is approved?You will receive an approval letter in the mail once your application is approved. The letter will contain your requester code number(s). Approval letters will not be faxed or sent electronically.

7. When will my account expire?A Commercial Requester Account is valid for twenty-four (24) months from the date of approval.

8. Will I be notified to renew my account? The Account Processing Unit will notify account holders approximately ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the account by forwarding a renewal package to the contact person identified on the account. To avoid any delay in service, please ensure that any change to your contact person is reported (See item 12.)

9. Are the fees refundable if I don’t qualify for a requester code account?

The $50.00 application fee is a nonrefundable fee. If you applied for a CRA account with residence address, and you do not qualify, we will refund the $200 portion of the fee.

10. How much do the records cost?
  • Each electronic record - $2 for vehicle registration, $2 for driver license
  • Driver license and vehicle registration records - $5 each
  • Copies of microfilmed records or photos:
  • DL - $20 for each copy
  • VR - $20 for each year.
  • Requests for large volumes or bulk requests - $100 per thousand copies, in addition to computer run time and programming.
11. When am I required to report changes to my account?

You are required to report any changes, such as, a change in corporate name, corporate officers, sole proprietor, Doing Business As (DBA), telephone number, account contact, street or mailing address, billing contact, or any change in any other information on the original account application.

12. How do I report changes to my account?

Changes to your account must be reported on form INF 1106. You must notify DMV of any changes to your Commercial Requester Account within ten (10) working days of the change(s). Please contact the unit listed below to request copies of the form or visit our website at, then go to “Other Services” and click on Commercial Requester Account.

13. Who do I contact if I have questions about my application, or to check on the status of my application?

You can contact the Account Processing Unit (APU) at (916) 657-5564. Please allow at least two weeks for processing.

NOTE:Once your account is approved and requester code(s) is/are assigned, please include this number(s) on all correspondence to the department concerning the specific account.

Bond Information
14. Do I need a bond to apply for a Commercial Requester Account?

You will need a surety bond only if you are issued a requester code and authorized to receive residence address information.
15. What is the amount of the bond?The surety bond must be in the amount of $50,000. The bond must be continuous and made payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

16. Where can I obtain a surety bond?The “Commercial Requester Account Surety Bond”, INF 1132 will be mailed to you upon approval for address information. You should only submit the form when requested by the department after you have been approved for residence address. This is the only form that will be accepted. Many insurance companies can issue a surety bond. DMV will only accept bonds issued by insurance companies licensed to do business in California.

17. What information should the bond contain?

The “Commercial Requester Account Surety Bond” form INF 1132 must becompleted in its entirety. It must contain the date and signature of an autho-rized employee of the surety company. The bond must read exactly how thecommercial requester account reads.

Examples are:

  • Sole owner should have the individual’s name as well as the DBA (doing business as) on the account.
  • Partnerships should have all partners’ individual names and the DBA on the account.
  • Corporations should have the name of the corporation only (if the corporation name and DBA are identical) or the corporation name and DBA if different on the account.
  • Limited Liability Corporations should read the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and DBA on the account.

Note: The bond will be returned to the principal if any information is incorrect or not completed properly.

18. How long must the bond be maintained?

The bond must remain valid and in effect during the account period in order to continue to receive residence address information. If the bond expires during that time, your account will be downgraded to receive record information without address until you reestablish the bond and it is in full force.