Electronic Evidence of Insurance Reporting Program Foreword

The Department of Motor Vehicles takes great pride in its ability to fulfill its mission. We remain dedicated to making service to all customers the cornerstone of our operations.

Fulfilling our mission is a complex task, and extends beyond customer service. We must protect the privacy of individuals whose information is contained in our massive database, while at the same time meet the legitimate business needs of our customers. The electronic transmission of the information must be secure. The balance between privacy protection and access to public records is guided by state and federal laws and regulations, and it is on this foundation that the Information Services Program operates.

In this Commercial Requester Information Handbook, our goal is to answer questions about what is needed to become a Commercial Requester Account (CRA) Holder. It is our intent to facilitate the application process and make you aware of your responsibilities as a CRA holder. We have rules and requirements that must be met, and every account is subject to an audit. Included in this publication is a copy of the Terms and Conditions (INF 1230) that all CRA holders must agree to. Any failure to adhere to these terms and conditions or to the security requirements, also contained within this book, may result in the department taking adverse action against your account.

We try to make the process of obtaining records smooth and timely. That is our goal, and commitment to you as a customer of the department. At the same time, we ask that you take your responsibilities to heart, and for every record you request from us, treat the information carefully and safeguard it. Use it only for the purpose for which you are approved to request it. Follow the rules and procedures outlined in this handbook and in regulations. Ensure your employees are also following the requirements, it's YOUR account at stake.

Please read this booklet. The information contained in here is fundamental to understanding the requirements for a CRA and obligations once it is approved. And, let us know what you think about it. There is a survey card in the back. Your comments will help us improve future editions.

Information Services Branch
Department of Motor Vehicles