Commercial Requester Information Handbook

The following forms are provided with the Commercial Requester Account Application package (INF 1133)or the Commercial Requester Account Service Provider Application package (INF 1133V). A hardcopy may also be provided by contacting the Account Processing Unit at (916) 657-5564:

INF 1106

Commercial Requester Account Application

Complete this form if you will be using DMV record information for your own business use. (Example: Insurance Agent/Broker to underwrite insurance, background check/pre-employment company, Registration Service, Dealer/Manufacturer, etc.) This form must be completed to apply for an original requester account, renewal of an account, or to make changes to an existing account.

INF 1106BL

Commercial Requester Account Branch Location

Account holders with multiple branch locations needing different requester codes must complete this form.

INF 1106V (pdf)

Commercial Requester Account

Complete this form if you will be accessing DMV record information to perform a legitimate business service on behalf of another CRA applicant (Example: pass thru/reformat (Reseller) or other contracted service (Agent). This form must be completed to apply for an original requester account, renewal of an account, or to make changes to an existing account.

INF 1119

Request for Driver License/Identification Card Status and Record Information

This form is used by commercial requesters, both end users and vendors, to request driver license (DL) record printouts, current copy of DL 44, etc. In order to use this form, a business entity must have a requester code with the department. This form is also used by our Employer Pull Notice (EPN) customers to obtain DL record information on prospective or casual drivers.

There is a charge of $5.00 for each record which will be billed to your account. Please submit the form in DUPLICATE.

INF 1128

Information Security Statement

This form must be signed annually by any individual who has access to information received from the department. It must be retained at the account holder’s worksite for the length of time indicated on the form. Do not send to DMV.

INF 1132

Commercial Requester Account Surety Bond

This form will be mailed to you once you have been approved for residence address access.

INF 1184

Certification of Agency

Any Vehicle Dealer Agent or Vehicle Manufacturer Agent who will be requesting residence address via Commercial Account to process registration transaction documents or recalls on behalf of a dealer or manufacturer, must have this form completed by all dealers/manufacturers the agent represents.

INF 1230

Commercial Requester Account Terms and Conditions

This form contains the terms and conditions an account holder must agree to in order to be approved for a commercial requester account. Do not send to DMV.

INF 03

Agent Authorization

This form is to be completed and signed by each preapproved requester(government or commercial) for which a service provider will be providing a contracted service in which access to confidential residence address is requested. This form is not necessary if performing a pass-thru/reformat (reseller) service.

Account Processing Unit
(916) 657-5564

Requester Account Help, Questions or Changes

Automated Billing Information Unit
(916) 657-6474

Requester Account Billing Information

Electronic Access/Security Unit
(916) 657-5582

File Transfer and On-line Access

Policy/Information Privacy Section
(916) 657-5583

Policies and Procedures regarding DMV record release and/or uses. Automation needs relating to the release of information.

Commercial/Governmental Requester Audit Unit
(916) 657-5813

Questions concerning an audit of your requester account.

All units are available from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).