Commercial Requester Information Handbook

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is authorized by California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 1810.2 to establish Commercial Requester Accounts (CRA) and issue requester codes for the purpose of requesting information from the department’s files.

The department has two (2) types of requesters:

(1) Requesters who are pre-approved to receive information from the department to fulfill a legitimate business need pursuant to one of the following statutes: CVC 1808 et seq., CVC 4465,CVC 22851.8, California Civil Code Sections 3067-3075,inclusive, and Harbors/Navigation Code Sections 500-509, inclusive.

(2) Requesters who are not pre-approved and request departmental record information on a one-time or occasional basis as authorized under CVC 1808 et seq.

Commercial Requester Accounts are established for applicants who:

  • Have a legitimate business need for obtaining DMV information
  • Properly complete and return the appropriate forms
  • Pay the required application fee
  • Provide an acceptable bond, if required
  • Establish and maintain logs which track the receipt, use and dissemination of DMV information
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the information provided

A requester may be approved for driver license, vehicle or vessel registration, financial responsibility and/or occupational licensing information. A requester code also limits access based on a requester’s statutory authority to receive any of the following:

  • Residence address
  • Mailing address (when available)
  • Basic record information (without address)
  • Residence address with post notification to the subject

As a requester you may request information directly from the department. Information from the department can be requested via hardcopy, magnetic tape, on-line, or indirectly through an approved information provider or reseller (see page 6.002 for additional information onresellers).

A requester code may be denied if the proposed use of the informationis not related to the legitimate business needs or commercial purposes of the requester. The requester code may be cancelled immediately if the requested information is used for a purpose other than the purpose for which the requester code was issued. All requesters are required to maintain the security of the information received from the department and to protect it from unauthorized access. Additionally, as a Commercial Requester you may be subject to an audit by the department.

Information submitted to the department on an application to obtain a Commercial Requester Account is public record. However, some information contained in these records is classified as confidential, trade secret, or personal pursuant to state or federal statute and is exempt from disclosure.