Commercial Requester Information Handbook

Q) I am an attorney representing a client in a motor vehicle related incident (accident, lemon law, odometer roll-back, etc.). May I release the residence address to an attorney service or licensed Private Investigator to perform service of process?

Attorneys for Motor-Vehicle Related Incidents

A) Yes, the attorney service or licensed private investigator would become your agent. A signed INF 1128 (Information Security Statement) must be signed and retained at your worksite.

Q) I am an attorney representing a client in a motor vehicle related incident. Can I pass DMV information on to my client?

A) No. DMV record information can only be used by the attorney or their agent.
Q) What is a branch location?Branch Locations

A) An offshoot, lateral extension, or division with a separate physical location but under the same corporate number and ownership.

Q) Are there separate application fees for branch locations?A) No.

Q) I am an approved end-user to perform background or pre-employment screenings, without address, and my client is an approved account holder with address authority, can I use their requester code?

Sharing Requester Code

A) No, an account holder may not pass his requester code on to anyone except an employee or agent who has signed an Information Security Statement (INF 1128).

Q) Is a background check or pre-employment screening considered re-selling DMV information?Background Checks/Pre-Employment Screening

A) No. When DMV record information becomes a part of a compilation of other information (i.e., employment history, credit history, etc.), it is considered a business function by the end-user. If the only part of the background check is a DMV record this constitutes a resale and approval from the department must be obtained.

Q) Are you required to have an account with DMV if you get record information from a department approved information reseller?

Reseller/Service Provider

A) Yes. A department approved information reseller is only authorized to release department record information to an approved requester account holder (i.e., end-user, and reseller).