Vehicle Registration Financial Responsibility Program

Electronic Evidence of Insurance Reporting

All insurance companies that write private-use vehicle liability insurance policies are required to report newly-issued and cancelled polices electronically to the DMV.

Commercial/business policies are not required to be reported electronically; however, if the vehicle identification number is available, electronic reporting is encouraged.

Benefits of electronic reporting:

  • Paper documentation of insurance is not required for registration renewal, which simplifies the renewal process for your customer and may reduce the number of duplicate ID card requests that you receive.
  • Your customers will have the option of renewing via the Internet, at self-service terminals, or over the telephone.
  • Fraudulent proof of insurance documents will be eliminated, which will reduce the number of uninsured motorists.
  • The demand for short-term policies will be reduced.

If you are an insurance company affected by this program, please contact the Vehicle Registration Insurance Program Administrator at for the electronic specifications and requirements to participate. Individuals with questions concerning electronic reporting of their insurance information should directly contact their insurance company.