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DMV Information

DMV Headquarters in Sacramento

DMV Headquarters in Sacramento

DMV Vision and Function

The California Department of Motor Vehicle’s (DMV) vision is to be a trusted leader in delivering innovative services. This vision is supported by its mission to proudly serve the public by licensing drivers, registering vehicles, securing identities, and regulating the motor vehicle industry.

The department’s two primary functions are to license California’s 26.5 million drivers and register more than 34.7 million vehicles. However, the DMV maintains and oversees many other functions.

Other Major DMV Functions

  • Recording ownership (certificate of title) of the vehicles DMV registers 
  • Maintaining driving records (accidents and convictions) of licensed drivers 
  • Issuing identification cards for individuals 
  • Registering and recording ownership of vessels 
  • Licensing and regulating driving and traffic violator schools and their instructors 
  • Licensing and regulating vehicle manufacturers, transporters, dealers, distributors, vehicle salespeople, and dismantlers 
  • Administering the Financial Responsibility Law 
  • Investigating consumer complaints 
  • Maintaining records in accordance with the law 
  • Collects over $8 billion in revenue annually 

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