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CA Department of Motor Vehicles Licensing Operations Division Research and Development


Research and Development Branch

The following is a description of the functions of the Research and Development Branch and a detailed summary of major study milestones and impacts on departmental operations and policy.

A. Historical Evolution and Focus

B. Specific Operations and Subject Matter Areas

C. Organizational Structure and Functional Objectives

D. Funding

E. Summary of Major Study Milestones and Impacts on DMV Policy, 1959-1997

R&D's published and internal reports are summarized in a compendium entitled "California Department of Motor Vehicles Research Studies-A Summary of Findings and Activities" (1997). The following is a summary of the more significant milestones and policy applications emanating from these R&D studies.

  1. Negligent Driver Post-Licensing Control Research
  2. Evaluation of Physical and Mental (P&M) Factors
  3. Evaluation of Driver Licensing and Selection Procedures
  4. Drunk Driving and License Suspension Policy
  5. Driver Training and Teenage Drivers
  6. Development and Evaluation of an Improved Motorcycle Licensing Program

F. Special Recognition

G. Report Distribution

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