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Renewing Your Driver License

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To be eligible to renew your license by mail or Internet, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Check out these links for information about Renewal-Mail or Renewal-Internet. If you have moved since your last renewal, please let us know. You won't receive your renewal notice if DMV does not have your current address (DMV 14).

At one time or another, every California driver receives a renewal notice requiring him or her to personally visit a DMV office. For some, this brings to mind visions of nerve-racking tests and waiting in line. Visiting your local DMV office does not have to be an intimidating experience. If you follow the steps below, you can transform your DMV visit into a quick and anxiety-free experience.

  • Make an appointment. It's a fact that customers with appointments do not wait as long as customers without appointments and complete their transactions sooner.
    You can make an Appointment(s) online or you can call DMV toll-free at 1-800-777-0133.
  • Review the California Drivers Handbook (PDF) if you are required to take a knowledge test. You may also want to take a sample knowledge test or review the Driving Knowledge Tutorial to help you prepare for your knowledge test.
  • In preparation for your appointment, be sure to:
    - Bring your renewal notice. This will save you from completing an application form.
    - If you wear eyeglasses, bring them with the most current prescription. Visit your vision specialist for an eye exam before going to the DMV if you haven't had your vision checked within the last two years, or if you think your eyesight has deteriorated since your last license renewal.

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