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As we age, we change physically and mentally. These changes can and do affect our driving skills. Getting older does not automatically make us poor drivers. Many people continue to be safe drivers well into their golden years.

  • As you age, your joints may stiffen and your muscles weaken. It may become more difficult for you to turn your head to look over your shoulder or to quickly turn the steering wheel or step on the brakes.
  • Your eyesight and hearing change with age. Older eyes need more light to see but you may be bothered by glare from the sun, oncoming headlights, or streetlights.
  • The aging process may slow your reflexes and shorten your attention span. You may find it harder to concentrate on two things at once. Conditions such as Alzheimer's disease affect your thinking and behavior.

Because our body is changing, we may take medications, vitamins, and supplements to help keep ourselves healthy and active. Medications, whether they are prescribed by your physician or bought over the counter, can affect your ability to drive safely.

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