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TouchScreen Terminals


TouchScreen Terminals

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is using automated TouchScreen Terminals (TSTs) to administer knowledge tests and complete the process of applying for an original, renewal, or duplicate driver license (DL) or identification (ID) card. TSTs allow the quick transfer of electronic data, help decrease DMV field office wait times and reduce the possibility of fraud.

TouchScreen Testing

The TSTs replace the traditional pencil and paper knowledge tests with automated knowledge tests (TouchScreen Testing). Using the TSTs, applicants can complete a variety of tests, including the basic driver license and commercial knowledge tests. Applicants are guided through the testing process and given an immediate response if a question is answered incorrectly. Once the applicant completes the test, the TST will display a pass or fail notification.

The commercial driver license exam and motorcycle exam are only available in English and Spanish.

The basic driver license knowledge exam is available in the following 32 language options on the TSTs:

English Farsi/Persian
Spanish French
Amharic German
Arabic Greek
Armenian Hebrew
Cambodian Hindi
Chinese Hmong
Croatian Hungarian
Indonesian Romanian
Italian Russian
Japanese Samoan
Korean Tagalog/Filipino
Laotian Thai
Polish Tongan
Portuguese Turkish
Punjabi    Vietnamese

Audio versions of the knowledge exam are also available in the same languages. Visit Driver License Knowledge Test Links for more information about knowledge tests, including sample tests.

Electronic California Driver License or Identification Card Application Form (DL 44)

DMV has implemented enhancements to the driver license or identification card application and voter registration process. Eligible applicants may complete their Driver License or Identification Card Application, which includes the voter registration process, utilizing the TST instead of completing the traditional paper forms. All of the options available on the traditional paper form are also available on the TST, including selecting a political party, registering as an absentee voter, and choosing a language for voter materials. The voter registration information will be electronically shared with the local elections official. The TST electronic process is more convenient than the traditional paper form, and is available in the following 10 languages:

English Spanish
Japanese Hindi
Tagalog Khmer
Chinese Korean
Thai Vietnamese


Visit Voter Registration Options for more information regarding voter registration at DMV.

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