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Commercial Requester Account Forms

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Commercial Requester Account Branch Location Requester Code(s) Application (INF 1106BL)

The INF 1106BL form (PDF):

  • is used when a company needs to add Branch locations to a pre-existing Requester Code
  • must contain the pre-existing requester code number issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles to the Main Office.
  • a "Branch Location" is defined as "an offshoot, lateral extension, or division of an institution with a separate physical location.
  • In order to be enrolled as a Branch Location, the entity must be operating under the same corporate number or Occupational License as the of the account holder. If separate corporation numbers or Occupational License numbers are indicated, they must apply for and enroll as separate entities.
  • Instructions are located on page 2 of the INF 1160BL form, read all instructions carefully.

APU cannot accept forms submitted by e-mail at this time. Forms must be:

  • printed and completed by hand, or
  • printed and completed by typewriter, or
  • completed on-line and printed.

Please mail the completed form to the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Accounts Processing Unit - H221
P. O. Box 944231
Sacramento, California 94244-2310

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