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Request for Vehicle Vessel Photo History Information INF 1124

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The INF 1124 form:

  • Used by approved Commercial Requester Account holders to request Vehicle/Vessel Photo History Information.
  • Each request must be submitted in duplicate.
  • When completed on-line this form will auto-populate to the 2nd copy.
  • Retain an additional copy for your records.
  • Indicate whether the photo history must be certified (for Court purposes).
  • Three (3) years plus current are available, not all records have photo histories available, while some may have additional years.
  • There is charge of $20.00 per year requested, when no photo history available, a basic record printout will be provided at a charge of $5.00.
  • Account Holder will be billed accordingly through the Automated Billing Information System (ABIS).
  • Fees are non-refundable

Request for Vehicle/Vessel Photo History Information (INF 1124) (PDF)

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