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Refund Programs

Refunds can be requested for vehicle/vessel registration, driver license, identification card, special certificate, financial responsibility, and other fees and/or penalties collected by the DMV. Refund is due when fees were paid in error or were not required to be paid to the DMV as stated in Vehicle Code §42231 and/or Revenue and Taxation Code §10901.

Online Request for Refund

Currently, the Online Request for Refund Application is limited to two types of refund requests:

  • Refund of vehicle/vessel license fees charged for late payment and you know that payment was made on time.
  • Refund of a reissue fee because an action that required the fee has been dismissed and the dismissal has been reported to DMV by the court.

Click here Simple Refunds to access the online refund application.


The DMV is engaged in a specific refund program referred to as "Woosley."

Click this link "Woosley" to access information specific to "Woosley" and the Application for Refund form.

Other Refund Requests

If you conclude that "Online Request for Refund" or "Woosley" above does not apply to you, you may wish to download an Application for Refund and submit by mail or in person.

Click this link "Application for Refund" for additional information and to download the Application for Refund form.

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