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He's Back! The California DMV AnswerMan Transfers his Pink Car!


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June 24, 2013

SACRAMENTO - The DMV AnswerMan won a pink car from a contest and now he wants to transfer the ownership over to his sister (who loves pink).

In this episode, the DMV AnswerMan answers the question of how to transfer a car in California. Our hero uses his own experience of when he won a pink Cadillac - (and no he didn't win it by selling makeup, he claims) - and how he transferred the ownership over to his sister, who loves pink. He explains, in his own peculiar way, all of the paperwork involved and other necessary steps to make the transfer seamless.

During the summer of 2012, DMV hit the streets and prompted citizens to ask the DMV AnswerMan DMV-related questions. The AnswerMan answers each question in his quirky style, telling funny anecdotes about himself or his friends and family while getting important DMV points across.

There will be a total of nine DMV AnswerMan videos that will be periodically posted on the Web with new installments coming in the future. All of the past AnswerMan videos can be viewed on the DMV's YouTube channel.

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