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DMV Accepts Additional Documents from AB 60 Applicants


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June 30, 2015

DMV Accepts Additional Documents from AB 60 Applicants 
New Options Available Starting June 30, 2015

Sacramento – Starting on June 30, 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will begin accepting additional documents to verify the identity and residency of Assembly Bill 60 (AB 60) applicants.  Those additional documents to be accepted include:  

•    California residency documents that are issued by any government within the U.S., not just the federal government.
•    Consular cards from Colombia* and Ecuador. 
•    Identification cards from Ecuador. 
•    Passports from Tonga, Sri Lanka, and Republic of Korea.

The amended regulations, approved by the Office of Administrative Law on June 19, 2015, eliminate the option of presenting birth certificates in conjunction with various other documents, to prove identity without a referral to Secondary Review. This change removes the need for document translation, and simplifies the application process. Applicants will continue using foreign birth certificates to prove identity during the secondary review process.  The amended regulations also clarify that California residency documents must match the address listed on the driver license application. 

Since January 2, 2015, the DMV has issued more than 381,000 new driver licenses under AB 60, and more than 640,000 AB 60 applicants have applied for a driver license.

The list of documents that applicants can provide to obtain a California driver license under AB 60 is posted on the DMV website. For more information on AB 60, including sample interactive tests, webcasts, and other helpful information, visit

*The Colombia Consular Card was added to the list of accepted documents in anticipation of the new Consular card being produced by the Colombian Consulate. Currently this card is not in production. 





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