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Chapter 11 - Transfers


Chapter 11 - Transfers

Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures

11.000 Introduction

11.005 Basic Transfer Checklist:

Smog Requirements for Transfers
Use Tax
Miscellaneous Transfer Requirements

11.010 Lienholder/Legal Owner Transfers

11.015 Duplicate Title for Sales to Auto Auctions

11.020 Termination of Vehicle Lease

11.025 Transfer Only

11.030 Transfer of "Title Only"

11.035 Multiple Transfers

11.040 Used Vehicle Rollback

11.045 Transfer without Probate

11.050 Transfer with Letters of Administration

11.055 Transfer with Letters Testamentary

11.060 Transfer with Spousal Court Orders

11.065 Transfer to "Estate of"

11.070 Transfer on Death (TOD) Beneficiary

11.075 Transfer with COMPRO, JTRS, TENANTS IN COMMON

11.080 Transfer of Indian-Owned Vehicles

11.085 Transfer to/from Nonresident Military Personnel (NRM)

11.090 Exempt Agency Transfers

11.095 Leased Vehicle Transfers

11.100 Transfers Involving Conservators or Guardians

11.105 Non-Transfer Changes to Registered Ownership

11.110 Transfer of Vehicles issued a California (Goldenrod) Registration Only

11.115 Transfer Only on Uncovered Stolen or Embezzled Used Vehicles

11.120 Transfer with Parking Violation Citations on File

11.125 Transfer with Owners Responsibility (OR) Citations on File

11.130 Transfer with ARB Enforcement Citations

11.135 Trust Transfers

11.140 Repossession

11.145 Involuntary Transfers, Government Actions:

Attachment Sales
Bankruptcy Sales
Divorce Actions
Foreclosures or State Controller Sales
Government Actions
Court Orders-General Information
California Forfeited Vehicles
Federal Forfeiture Sales
Internal Revenue Sales
United States Customs Sales
Military Sales
Welfare and Institutions Code Sales

11.150 Unavailable Legal Owners

11.155 Notice of Release of Liability

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