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Senior Guide for Safe Driving - Part 2


Senior Guide for Safe Driving

Part 2: Assessing Your Driving 

Driving is a very complex skill. It requires certain physical, visual, and mental abilities. Self-awareness is the key to safe driving. A self-assessment can help you identify your driving limitations, compare your abilities with the requirements necessary to be a safe driver, and help you take the necessary steps to ensure you are being a responsible and safe driver. The driver skills self-assessment questionnaire is provided for your personal use and can help you decide if you should have your driving abilities evaluated.

“A self-assessment can help you identify your driving limitations”

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, you are not alone. The natural physical changes of normal aging can affect your ability to drive safely. The good news is that you can manage many of these changes by learning your limitations and making adjustments in your driving habits, so you can continue to drive safely. You may also want to consult your physician about these and any other concerns or issues you may have. 

Driver Skills Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Hearing Yes No
With the car windows rolled up, can you hear
a siren or horn?
Can you hear the sound of your turn signals
when they are on?
Vision Yes No
Can you see objects clearly?    
Can you see clearly at night?    
Can you go outside in the bright sunlight and
immediately see clearly?
NOTE: This does not pertain to going outside in the sunlight from a dark room.
Can you see clearly over the steering wheel?    
Head and Neck Yes No
Can you turn your head an equal distance
from one side to the other?
Can you turn your head and neck far enough
to see over your shoulders?
Arms and Hands Yes No
Can you drive long distances without your
hands and arms being tired?
Can you drive for a minimum of 30 minutes
without your fingers or arms becoming tingly
or numb?
Can you keep a firm, but comfortable grip
on the steering wheel with both hands while
keeping your elbows bent and relaxed?
Can you lift your arm high enough to adjust
the rear view mirror?
Can you cross your hands one over the other
when turning the steering wheel?
Legs and Feet Yes No
Can you depress the brake pedal with your
knee bent?
Can you sit for 15 minutes without your feet
or legs becoming tingly or numb?
Do you use only your right foot to depress
either the gas or brake pedals?
Can you bend your foot at least 10 degree    
Cognitive Yes No
Can you easily decide when to enter
a lane of moving traffic?
Are you comfortable driving in intersections?    
Are you calm while driving?    
Do you have a clean driving record with no
tickets or collisions?
Has a very close family member or friend said
you are an excellent driver?
Can you remember how to get to familiar

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