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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2016-2021 HTML

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Our Core Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Commitment to serve the public
  • Respect and consideration for each other, our customers, and the environment
  • Accuracy and quality in all our products and services

Our Vision

A trusted leader in delivering innovative DMV services.

Our Mission

We proudly serve the public by licensing drivers, registering vehicles, securing identities, and regulating the motor vehicle industry.

Our Core Functions

Driver License and Identification Card Program
We test and issue licenses to qualified drivers,
provide identification services to the public,
and verify the identity of licensed drivers and
identification card holders. 
  Driver Safety Program
We promote traffic safety by monitoring
and evaluating the driving performance
of licensed drivers.
Vehicle Titling and Registration Program
We issue titles and register automobiles,
trailers, and vessels, as well as commercial
vehicles used for both interstate and intrastate
  Licensing of the Motor Vehicle Industry
We license and regulate the occupations
and businesses related to the manufacture,
transport, sale, and disposal of vehicles.

Our Support Functions

Administrative Services
Responsible for budgetary and fiscal
management, contract and procurement
processes, human resources management,
facilities and properties management, mail
operations and printing services. 
  Enforcement Services
Conducts auditing, monitoring, inspecting,
and investigative services on the internal
and external entities related to our core
Revenue Collection Distribution
Annually, the DMV collects and tracks over
$7 billion in revenue which is distributed to
other state agencies, local government,
and California’s General Fund.
  Enterprise Risk Management
Provides an independent assessment of
DMV’s enterprise through risk management,
oversight, enterprise planning, auditing,
and privacy.
Information Technology (IT) Services
Provides programming, installation, and
maintenance for DMV’s complex and
unique IT systems.


How Big is the DMV?

Locations Employees Registered Vehicles* Driver License and ID Cards* Total Transactions Auto Clubs Business Partner Sites
231 9,527 33,768,367 29,067,936 76,659,686 175 4,389

* Statistics as of January 1,2016
♦Includes all transactions across all
available service channelsincluding
field offices, online, and call centers

Where Does the Money Go?

Local Government (Cities/Counties) California Highway Patrol  Department of Motor Vehicles State Highways (CalTrans)  Air Resources Board General Fund Environmental Agencies Department of Justice Other State Agencies
41.54% 27.32% 14.60% 13.20% 1.76% 0.68% 0.52% 0.35%  0.03%

Based on 2014 fees. Fees are subject to law changes. California Vehicle Code,
California Harbors and Navigation Code, California Civil Code, California Government
Code, California Health and Safety Code, California Code of Civil Procedures, and
California Revenue and Taxation Code sections noted for reference.

GOAL: Provide superior customer service

The State of California is home to one of the most diverse populations in the country. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

We will enhance customers’ interactions with DMV by implementing innovative tools and technology that expand our online offerings and provide quality in-person services.


  • Communicate DMV’s services and successes.
  • Redefine the customer experience by offering convenient, innovative, and virtual service options.

GOAL: Develop and retain a versatile and informed workforce

A skilled and dedicated workforce is critical to the success of our organization. We will improve the ways we obtain a talented workforce, provide opportunities for growth and leadership, and invest in a culture that maximizes the knowledge, experience, and diversity that each employee brings to work every day.


  • Enhance our workforce and succession plan.
  • Provide professional development opportunities.
  • Apply best practices in the hiring and selection process.
  • Enhance our recruitment efforts.

GOAL: Eliminate fraud

We take fraud very seriously.

Our actions are to understand and eliminate the opportunity for fraud, and to create a culture of integrity, honesty, and transparency.

We will enhance DMV’s awareness and knowledge of fraud and implement measures to detect, investigate, and eliminate fraud to protect consumers and maintain the highest public trust.

We will ensure that every driver on our roadways is properly licensed and every vehicle is properly registered.


  • Educate our workforce and the public about fraud.
  • Implement fraud prevention measures.

GOAL: Optimize our processes and update our technology

Technology is integral to our daily activities. We will pursue business processes and technological changes to ensure the sustainability and modernization of our current systems. We will implement new technology to help us deliver the best service possible and meet the changing business needs of DMV, our partners, and our customers.


  • Document systems and business processes.
  • Improve business processes.
  • Modernize our systems.

GOAL: Equip our employees with the tools and facilities to meet DMV’s current and future responsibilities

We will provide our employees with the tools, technology, and resources to help them perform at their best. Additionally, we will design and maintain our facilities to deliver outstanding service to our customers and our partners.


  • Provide our employees with the technology and equipment necessary to do their jobs.
  • Improve our facilities infrastructure.

Contact Us

California Department of Motor Vehicles
Enterprise Risk Management Division
2415 First Avenue, MS F500
Sacramento, CA 95818

Gavin Newsom, Governor
State of California

David S. Kim, Secretary
California State Transportation Agency

Steve Gordon, Director
Department of Motor Vehicles

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