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Employer Testing Program (ETP) Information


Employer Testing Program (ETP) Information

Commercial Employers - Would you like to give the drive test portion of the Commercial Driver License test requirements to your driver(s) in lieu of sending them to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?

If so, the ETP is a third-party testing program in which the department allows public and private employers of commercial drivers to conduct the drive test portion for the department's commercial driver licensing requirements for Class A and Class B driver licenses. ETP requires an employer-employee relationship in order to conduct third party testing. The department administers the ETP in concert with the Federal Regulations regarding participant eligibility, administrative responsibilities, examiner qualifications, training standards, and on-going inspections requirements for third party testing programs.

Program Participation Requirements

  • Applicants and participants should review and understand the ETP regulations covered in California Code of Regulations, Title 13, Division 1, Chapter 1, Article 2.1 - Commercial Driver Licenses, Employer Testing Program.
  • Each commercial driver applicant issued a Certificate of Driving Skill DL 170 ETP, by an ETP must have passed a commercial driving test that meets DMV's commercial driving test requirements and standards.
    NOTE: Issuance of a Certificate of Driving Skill DL 170 ETP, does not guarantee the driver will be issued a commercial driver license. The department randomly selects drivers certified by ETP participants to report to the department within 30 days to take a DMV administered examination as part of our role in monitoring the training and testing programs of approved participants. Any driver failing to report to the department for the driver test may have the application for commercial driver license terminated or downgraded to prior class of license.
  • Your company must only use, and may not vary from, the DMV approved drive test routes when conducting a commercial drive test.
  • Your company must provide training and testing in the vehicle type indicated on the application; and must be certified by the examiner of the Certificate of Driving Skill.
  • Your company must note if your drivers will be operating vehicles carrying hazardous materials.
  • Examiners must complete and pass a nationwide criminal background check to be eligible for certification to administer commercial driver license (CDL) test.
  • The Examiner conducting the commercial drive test must have the appropriate class of commercial driver license with any appropriate endorsement(s) and/or restrictions as required to operate his or her company vehicle(s), have passed DMV's Department of Training Branch ETP examiner training class, and have an Examiner Application DL811ETP on file with DMV.
  • Examiners and certified commercial drivers employed by an ETP participant must be continuously enrolled in the department's Employer Pull Notice Program. More information available at Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program.

Employer Testing Program Original License Forms

Note: A test route in reverse order is not acceptable as an alternative drive test route. The alternative route must be available in the event of construction or other roadway closures.

Additional Required Application Package Documents

  • Your company must have a documented driver testing/training program.
  • The DMV will use the information on this application to determine if your organization qualifies to issue the Certificate of Driving Skill DL 170 ETP, for your employees in compliance with the California Vehicle Code (CVC). Information submitted is subject to verification by DMV personnel.
  • Changes or corrections to the form will void the form unless initialed by the person who made them.
  • Incomplete forms will be returned.
  • Prior to receiving authorization to participate in the ETP an on-site review may be required. The on-site review will require a demonstration by the employer of a commercial drive test comparable to the standards used by DMV Examiners to license commercial drivers.

Employer Administrator Requirements

  • Must complete the Employer Testing Program Administrator Training provided by the department within six months of being designated as an Administrator. Contact Occupational Licensing at (916) 229-3128 for information about the next available training class.

Authorized Representative Requirements

  • DL 520 ETP, Application for Employer Number - Authorized representatives are responsible for certifying the driver is employed and required to operate a commercial vehicle in the course of employment, and that the driver has attended training and passed a drive test which meets DMV's drive test requirements and standards. The authorized representative approving a Certificate of Driving Skill DL 170 ETP, must be listed on the Application for Employer Number DL 520 ETP or the DL 170 ETP form will be rejected. The Administrator designated on the Employer Application may also be an Authorized Representative, however, cannot be the examiner for the same employer.

Examiner Requirements

Live scan facility locations and hours of operation can be found at

Classes are available on a quarterly basis in Northern and Southern California. Check the schedule for availability at

Original Application Fees

  • $45 Employer Testing Program Participant Number
  • $150 Examiner Training Program

Renewal Application Forms and Fees

The Employer Testing Program Participant Number is required to be renewed every three years in order to continue conducting third party drive tests.


  • DL 520 ETP, Application for Employer Number
  • Successfully pass an Examiner Course provided by the Department

Classes are available on a quarterly basis in Northern and Southern California. Check the schedule for availability at


  • $45 Employer Testing Program Participant Number
  • $150 Examiner Training Program

Modification of Employer Testing Program Participant, Administrator or Examiner

  • A new Application for Employer Number DL 520 ETP must be submitted within ten (10) days of occurrence if the Employer changes the Administrator, or the Administrator leaves employment of the company.
  • A new Application for Employer Number DL 520 ETP must be submitted within ten (10) days if there is a change of address, company name, class of license that they are certifying for, or if a listed authorized representative(s) is no longer authorized to sign for the company.

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