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Buy/Sell Procedures for New Vehicle Dealers


Buy/Sell Procedures for New Vehicle Dealers

(Terminate Seller's License and Issuance of Permits to Buyer)

Occupational Licensing Inspectors are usually available to assist businesses during ownership transitions. However, when one is not available contact a Region Supervising Inspector to confirm the fax telephone number and to proceed with the following instructions:


5 to 10 business days prior to closing - Call the Region Supervising Inspector and fax the following documents:

  • OL-12 - Application for Original Occupational License (Part C)
  • OL-21A - Original Application for Occupational Licensing (Part A)
  • OL-25 - Surety Bond
  • OL-29 Personnel History Questionnaire by each person listed on OL-12
  • Evidence of Livescan fingerprints if not previously licensed in California
  • Copy of State Board of Equalization Resale Permit

On the date of sale - Fax the following documents:

  • OL-124 - Certificate of Proposed Franchise
  • Picture showing new sign if there is a name change

Within 10 business days after the date of sale submit the complete original licensing package to the local licensing inspector

On the date of sale - Fax the following documents:

  • OL-79C, Notification by Licensee Out of Business Report
  • Termination Certification Letter - On company letterhead, signed by owner of record.

Within 10 business days of the business sale date or earliest available appointment with local inspector, submit the Out of Business Report, license, special plates and used report of sale forms (see note below) to the local licensing inspector.

Completed report of sales may be required by the State Board of Equalization or the Department of Motor Vehicle and must be retained and available as required by law.

Occupational Licensing will:

Upon receipt of forms from the buyer and seller, OL will issue temporary operating and special plate permits to the buyer that will expire within 30 days. If the buyer fails to provide the department with an application (complete with original signatures) within 30 days, the department may refuse to issue a permanent license and will cancel the previously issued permits.

Optional: On the date of sale Occupational Licensing may notify the seller, in writing, to provide the buyer with unused report of sale forms specified by numeric sequence.

Forms listed are available at

(REV. 12/2012)

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