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Application Requirements for Dismantler License



Application Requirements for Dismantler License

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Dismantler Handbook of Registration Procedures (PDF)

Vehicle Dismantler's License Forms


An application for a vehicle dismantler license consists of the following forms:

  • Copy of Board of Equalization resale permit
  • Copy of your Franchise Tax Board identification number
  • Copy of your State Water Resource Control Board storm water permit
  • Copy of your California Environmental Protection Agency identification number
    (Refer to OL 21D for additional information)

The following documents are also required as part of the application package:

  • If filing as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership owned businesses only: Statement of Information (SI 550) or Statement of Information LLC (LLC 12) filed with the Secretary of State.
  • Copy of lease or rental agreement.
  • Copy of your Fictitious Name Statement
  • Copy of your City and/or County Business License, Certificate of Occupancy Licensee, or Tax Certificate.  If required by City/County you are doing business in.
  • Photograph(s) of business location, refer to Photograph Procedures.

After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will conduct the following inspections:

"Established Place of Business"


  • Sign or device shall provide information relating to the licensed entity by its exact firm name and indicate the nature of the dismantler's business (for example, "automobile dismantler", "automobile wrecker", etc.).
  • Every sign erected or posted, shall have an area of not less than thirty-two (32) square feet per side displayed and shall contain lettering of sufficient size (not less than six inches) to enable the sign to be read from a distance of at least 50 feet.
  • Sign must be permanent in nature, erected to the exterior of the office or the display area. CVC Section 11514 et seq., and CCR, Title 13, Section 304.04


  • Business location shall be zoned for the type of business you wish to conduct.
  • Contact your local or city zoning office to determine if the location is zoned for a dismantler business.
  • Local zoning authority approval should be filled out using Form OL 62 (which is submitted with your application package).

Original Application Fees

The fees to become a licensed vehicle dismantler are:

  • $100 Non-refundable application fee
  • $1 Family Support Program fee
  • $50 For each branch location (if applicable)
  • $87 For each auto plate (plus county fees, if applicable).

The Family Support Program fee is paid on original, renewal, and reinstatement applications.

Vehicle Dismantler License Renewal Forms and Fees



  • $85 Renewal application fee
  • $87 Renewal plate fee (each plate)(plus county fees, if applicable)
  • $1 Family Support Program fee

The Family Support Program fee is paid on original, renewal, and reinstatement applications.

Vehicle Dismantler License Modification Forms and Fees



  • $50 Name change
  • $50 Address change
  • $50 Add a branch
  • $70 Officer Change


  • No person required to be licensed as an automobile dismantler under the vehicle code shall advertise the services of an automobile dismantler without indicating in the advertisement the occupational license or permit number of the automobile dismantler as issued by the department. CVC Section 11521

Automobile Dismantler Exclusions

The term "automobile dismantler" does not include any of the following:

  • The owner of any premises on which two or more unregistered and inoperable vehicles are held or stored, if the vehicles are used, or intended to be used, for restoration or as replacement parts or otherwise in conjunction with any business of a licensed dealer, manufacturer, or transporter, or in conjunction with the operation and maintenance of any fleet of motor vehicles used for the transportation of persons or property.
  • The owner of any premises or property used in conjunction with any agricultural, farming, mining, ranching, or motor vehicle repair business.
  • Any person engaged in the restoration of vehicles of the type described in Vehicle Code Section 5004 or in the restoration of other vehicles having historic or classic significance.
  • The owner of a steel mill, scrap metal processing facility, or similar establishment purchasing vehicles of a type subject to registration, not for the purpose of selling the vehicles, in whole or in part, but exclusively for the purpose of reducing the vehicles to their component materials, if either the facility obtains, on a form approved or provided by the department, a certification by the person from whom the vehicles are obtained that each of the vehicles has, except as provided in Vehicle Code Section 9564, been cleared for dismantling pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 5500 or Vehicle Code Section 11520 or the facility complies with Vehicle Code Section 9564.
  • Any person who acquires used parts or components for resale from vehicles which have been previously cleared for dismantling pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 5500 or Vehicle Code Section 11520.

Nothing above permits a dismantler to acquire or sell used parts or components during the time the dismantler license is under suspension. (CVC Section 221)

Dismantler Licensing Authority

California Vehicle Code. Sections 29, 220, 221, 320 (b), and 11500 et seq. The California Vehicle Code is available for purchase from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

California Code of Regulations. Title 13, Chapter 1.

Government Code. Section 6157 (a) - (d).

Health and Safety Code. Sections 25504 (a) - (c).

Application Questions and Submission Information

Please refer to the Dismantler Handbook





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