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Driving School Program



Driving School Program

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A Driving School Is Made Up Of...

A driving school owner which is any person licensed by the department to engage in the business of giving instruction for compensation in the driving of motor vehicles or in the preparation of an applicant for examination for a driver's license issued by the department. CVC Section 311;

A driving school operator, that is, either a driving school owner who operates his or her own driving school or an employee of a driving school who is designated by the driving school owner of such school to personally direct and manage the school for the owner. CVC Section 310.8; and

At least one driving instructor which is an employee of a driving school licensed by the department to instruct others in the operation of motor vehicles. CVC Section 310.4


An independent driving instructor is licensed to teach driving instruction in a city with a population of less than 50,000, which does not have within it an established licensed driving school. The city must be located in a county with a population of less than 400,000; and the instructor must be employed as an accredited teacher of automobile driver education or automobile driver training under the provisions of the Education Code. CVC Section 11105.5

Exemptions to Driving Schools and Driving Instructor Licenses:
  • Public schools or educational institutions in which driving instruction is part of the curriculum
  • Nonprofit public service organizations offering instruction without a tuition fee
  • Nonprofit organizations engaged exclusively in giving off-the-highway instruction in the operation of motorcycles, if the course of instruction is approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is not designed to prepare students for examination by the department for a class 4 drivers license
  • Commercial schools giving only off-the-highway instruction in the operation of special construction equipment
  • Vehicle dealers or their salespeople giving instruction without charge to purchasers of motor vehicles
  • Employers giving instruction to their employees
  • Commercial schools engaged exclusively in giving off-the-highway instruction in the operation of racing vehicles or in advanced driving skills to persons holding valid drivers' licenses, except whenever such instruction is given to persons who are being prepared for examination by the department for any class of driver's license. CVC Section 11101

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Driver Education Lesson Plan (guidelines)(PDF)

Driving School Instructor Plan (guidelines)(PDF)

Student License Manual (PDF)

Requirement for Authorization to Issue Student Licenses

Every applicant applying for authorization to issue student licenses must:

  • File an OL 804, Application For Authorization To Issue Student License, with the department. CCR, Title 13, Section 344.12 (a)(1)
  • Pay the required fees for the student license (book of 25 licenses costs $50). CCR, Title 13, Section 344.28
  • Be the driving school owner or an employee of the school designated by the owner to operate the school. CCR, Title 13, Section 344.24 (a)
  • Have a vision screening device. CCR, Title 13, Section 344.12 (a)(1)(C)
  • Have at least one designated employee trained to conduct vision screening. CCR, Title 13, Section 344.20 (a)(2)(D)

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