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Vehicle Dealer s License Forms including Autobroker


Vehicle Dealer s License Forms including Autobroker

Note: Forms may be completed before printing

Please print the appropriate check list to obtain a list of all the forms and any additional documents required for each license:

Select the appropriate link to print the forms required for each dealer packet:

Application forms may also be printed individually from the following list:

The following documents are also required as part of the application package:

  • DMV 8016, Request for Live Scan Clearance (receipt) (More information about Live Scan) (Required for each person completing form OL29)
  • Letter of Authorization (new trailer dealers only; required for each line)
  • Photograph(s) of business location, refer to Photograph Procedures
  • Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership owned businesses only: A copy of Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes or other document filed with the Secretary of State, which identifies the officers, share holders and managers with 10% or more interest in the business is required.
  • Copy of your City and/or County Business License
  • Copy of your Fictitious Name Statement
  • Copy of Board of Equalization Resale Permit
  • Copy of lease or rental agreement
  • Certificate of Completion, Dealer Education Program (Used Vehicle Dealers and Wholesale-Only Dealers)
  • Proof of successfully passing the Used Dealer Test administered by DMV (Used Vehicle Dealers only and Wholesale-Only Dealers)

Application Fees, refer to Vehicle Dealer's Licensing Fees

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