Complete DMV Business Using Kiosk at Los Angeles Main Post Office

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2415 First Avenue 
Sacramento, CA 95818
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November 9, 2021

One more convenient option to skip trip to DMV field office

Los Angeles – Californians can save time and complete two errands at once by using newly installed DMV kiosks at key post offices throughout the state, including the main U.S. post office in Los Angeles. In addition to the kiosk located at 7101 South Central Avenue, the self-service machines are now available at four additional postal locations in California.

The yellow and blue touchscreen kiosks give Californians the chance to conveniently conduct DMV business without going to a field office. Customers can perform some of the most common DMV tasks, including renewing vehicle registration, submitting an affidavit of non-use, and receiving a replacement registration card or sticker. The standalone machines are available 24/7 and accept cash, as well as debit/credit cards. For a complete list of transactions that can be completed using a DMV kiosk, and locations, visit

“The DMV is developing innovative ways to save Californians time by conveniently delivering services that do not require a field office visit. Installing kiosks in post offices highlights our commitment to offering services to customers when and where they want,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon.

“The United States Postal Service is excited about this new opportunity with the California DMV,” said Elvin Mercado, Vice President Retail & Post Office Operations. “This collaboration allows flexibility to the residents of California by offering a one stop solution when completing their postal service transactions and DMV needs. As we have committed to in the Delivering for America plan, the Postal Service will continue to work with all levels of government to engage and provide services for residents as a storefront for government services, and to generate new revenue and additional foot traffic into our retail facilities.”

In addition to the Los Angeles location, DMV kiosks are available at the following post offices:

  • Oakland – 1675 7th Street Room 236
  • Paradise – 6469 Clark Road
  • Rancho Cordova – 10923 Progress Court
  • Sacramento – 2000 Royal Oaks Drive

The DMV operates 365 kiosks in field offices and retail locations statewide. Since the first kiosk debuted in 2010, customers have completed more than 15 million self-service transactions. Vehicle transactions in seven languages and driver’s license transactions in 10 languages.

No Office Visit Necessary

Most DMV tasks do not require an office visit. The DMV offers services through many channels, including kiosks and online. A complete list of online services is available at, including driver’s license renewal and vehicle registration, requesting a driving record, and completing a notice of transfer and release of liability, among other tasks. Other services may be started online, such as applying for a REAL ID and uploading necessary documents.