DMV Provides New Customer Service Just In Time To Help California Taxpayers

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February 21,2006

Sacramento— The California Department of Motor Vehicles continues to “Drive Change,” by creating a new Internet option to help vehicle owners determine what fees they paid to register their vehicles. The fees are deductible on state and federal income tax returns.

It’s all a part of the department’s effort to better utilize technology to provide genuinely useful service to its customers. In this case, all customers need do is go to the DMV Internet website at, click on the VR Fee Calculator button on the home page, and access another calculator called Determine VLF Paid for tax Purposes. By simply entering the license number of the vehicle in question and the last five digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (also known as the VIN) the amount of the vehicle license fees paid for 2006 will be displayed. Information for 2005 and 2004 will also be available. (Remember: License plate registration tags are purchased for the following year. DMV customers bought 2006 tags during the 2005 calendar year.)

“This is what Governor Schwarzenegger was talking about when he challenged us to create a 21st century government for the people of California,” said Business Transportation and Housing Secretary Sunne Wright McPeak. According to DMV Chief Deputy Director Ken Miyao, “This is yet another tool we are providing our customers to serve them on their terms. We have the records and the software to do it, and as a result, it’s one less piece of paper or check stub they have to dig up when they do their taxes each spring.”

Miyao added that the calculator does not display the name of the person who paid the vehicle license fees, only the amount paid. “The security of our customer’s identity is, and has been, our number one priority. It’s pretty obvious our customers don’t need us to tell them who they are when they access this information,“ he said.

The web page displays the actual VLF paid, the vehicle license number and the full VIN information that can be printed for permanent customer records.

The California State Franchise Tax Board displays the DMV Calculator link on its Internet web page, and in turn, DMV provides its customers with additional links to the State Franchise Tax Board— as well as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for even greater convenience.

And, in an ongoing effort to shorten lines and wait times, DMV wants to remind customers that there are currently a number of service options currently available to them, which if properly utilized, can dramatically reduce the number of transactions handled in any field office on a face-to-face basis. Most routine services the DMV provides can be handled by mail, and customers can use checks or money orders to pay any necessary fees. Vehicle registration and driver licenses can be renewed over the Internet at the DMV website, which has an absolutely secure and confidential process to handle credit card payments.

The DMV website may also be accessed for the selection of personalized license plates, scheduling appointments at specific offices, requesting refunds and for checking on driving school licenses.

But if a face-to-face transaction does become necessary, appointments are always encouraged, either by using DMV’s voice-activated phone system at 1-800-921-1117 or again, the Internet. Both the Internet and the voice-activated phone system are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.