New State of the Art DMV Office in San Ysidro is awarded prestigous Environmental Certification

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March 6, 2007

Sacramento - The Department of Motor Vehicles announced today that its San Ysidro field office has been awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for meeting the necessary design and construction standards for highly energy and resource-efficient facilities.

Earning Gold Certification is part of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2004 goal that California’s energy costs at state-owned buildings be slashed by 20 percent by 2015, while encouraging companies, K-12 schools and universities to embrace the same benchmarks. Last fall, he signed Executive Order S-17-06 which directs state agencies to begin implementation of AB 32, California’s landmark global greenhouse legislation signed last month that requires a cap on greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

The office , located at 6111 Business Center Court, is a brand new facility that opened in October 2006. Gold Certification is the second-highest certification awarded by the USGBC. Platinum is the highest.

DMV Director George Valverde called the LEED Gold Certification a landmark for the department.  “We are absolutely committed to the “greening” of all of our facilities, be they newly constructed or retrofitted in some way. We want to lead the way in California with our environmentally-aware, can-do approach to managing our infrastructure. It’s the right and smart thing to do,” he said.

The 14,656 square-foot facility in San Diego County is DMV’s southernmost public facility, and was conceived and constructed from the beginning to achieve LEED certification by utilizing the industry’s latest, most innovative and environmentally-sound building technologies.

"I congratulate both the DMV and the Department of General Services for obtaining LEED Gold certification," said Rosario Marin, Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency, and chair of the Governor's Green Action Team. "DMV has invested the necessary resources and expertise into constructing a truly state-of-the-art building, and as a result, is getting the national recognition it deserves. Energy conservation and efficiency truly go hand in hand, and I couldn't be more pleased."

The office also earned a "SANDEE" (San Diego Excellent in Energy) award from the San Diego Regional Entergy Office for outstanding conservation practices. By incorporating energy efficiency and energy conservation, the estimated annual energy savings will be 34 percent greater than required by California Energy Efficiency standards.

The San Ysidro office features solar rooftop panels, glazed windows, energy efficient fluorescent and high pressure sodium lighting, and skylights to increase natural lighting and lower electricity, heating and cooling costs. Fifty percent of the building's construction waste was recycled. And, all of the building's electricity costs have been offset by the purchase of wind energy through a two-year contract with 'Green-e' Renewable Certificates based on the building's estimated energy use.


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