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October 21, 2009

Sacramento — Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people 15 to 20 years old and vehicle crashes account for 75 percent of all unintentional teen deaths. Studies have shown that teenage drivers are easily distracted, prone to take risks and are influenced by peers.  This week is National Teen Driver’s Safety week, designed to raise awareness about the tragedy of teen vehicle crashes, and to spark communication among teenagers, their parents and civic leaders about the causes of and solutions to teen crashes.

When Barbara Keck’s daughter Lesley Suthard was killed in a horrific car crash in 2002, Keck knew she would spend the rest of her life spreading the message not only to teens, but to all drivers:  Don’t speed, pay attention and don’t drink and drive.  Her goal is to save lives.

Lesley was traveling in the southbound lanes of Highway 65 in Roseville when she was hit head on by a car that came across the center median.  It was determined the teenage driver that hit Lesley was racing another car at 90 miles per hour and lost control of the vehicle.

“Lesley was a victim of what society calls an accident,” says Barbara Keck.  “I’m trying to tell people that this was a car crash and statistics show that most car crashes are caused by driver error.”

Shortly after the death of her daughter, Keck created “Lesley’s Crusade,” a memorial wall with photos of other victims of car crashes in the Sacramento area killed as a result of speeding and reckless driving.  Sobering statistics are strategically placed on the wall of crashes caused by cell phone use, speeding, and other driver distractions.  The wall travels to schools, safety fairs and DMV field offices.  Keck also devotes most of her days speaking to high school students, and just about anyone who will listen.

“We are honored to have the Lesley’s Crusade memorial exhibit at our Rocklin Field Office,” said DMV Director George Valverde. “DMV is committed to the safety of all California drivers and we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to slow down, drive without any distractions and carefully follow all traffic laws so we can effectively  reduce the number of terrible human tragedies that  Barbara Keck’s exhibit so dramatically depicts.”

The Lesley’s crusade exhibit will be in the lobby of the Rocklin DMV office for the next few weeks. The office is located at 5245 South Grove, Rocklin.

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