DMV Announces Participation in Motor Carrier Insurance Database

Contact: Mike Marando, Armando Botello,
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April 13, 2011

Sacramento –The Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles recently enrolled with the National Online Registries (NOR) to electronically receive insurance information for trucking companies that use subscribing insurance companies - a move that will substantially reduce paperwork for the department.

DMV Director George Valverde said "NOR is a valuable resource for the department, and will have a positive impact in our Motor Carrier Division. This is a win-win partnership between DMV, the motor carrier and insurance industries."

NOR, which contains motor carrier insurance certificate information submitted from insurance companies, is now currently operating in 19 other states, and allows the industry to electronically submit mandatory insurance verification information to the database instead of by mail. DMV officials say that access to the database will reduce the Motor Carrier Division's insurance certificate-related paperwork load each year by half—from some 160,000 documents to fewer than 80,000.

The best part of the process is that the department's participation comes at no cost, as NOR is fully supported by the insurance industry.

In addition to eliminating a large number of paper documents, duplicate documents DMV must generate for operators/carriers will be much more accurate, and if MCD rejects an insurance certificate for some reason, the information will be almost immediately noted in the NOR database for the 259 participating insurance carriers within 24 to 48 hours.

Since NOR is web-based, the training process is very simple, and requires no additional DMV employees, and because of the paperwork and reduction in documents, NOR should save MCD and the department money almost immediately.

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