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New Policy

Effective immediately, the Department of Motor Vehicles will no longer mail annual letters and supply request forms to public and private secondary schools that offer Driver Education and Driver Training (DE/DT).

The following, previously mailed forms, are available on the DMV website at

  • Authorization/Requisition for Driving Instruction Forms, DL 396 (REV. 10/2006).
  • Driver Education Supply Request, DL 396A (REV. 10/2006).
  • Private Secondary Non-Classroom Driver Education Curriculum Certification, DL 396B (NEW 10/2006).
  • DE/DT Completion Certificate Log, DL 803 (REV. 6/2006).
E-Mail Alert Service

To assure quick, easy access to the memos, form revisions, and the most current DE/DT information, DMV recommends subscribing to the E-Mail Alert Service. To subscribe:

Step Action

Log on to the DMV website at


Click on the Vehicle Registration tab.


Scroll down to Industry Tools.


Select the Subscribe to E-Mail Alerts button.

5Follow the simple instructions. (Go directly to E-Mail Alerts subscription page.)


This memo is available online at and was distributed in August 2007 to public and private secondary schools that offer DE/DT.


For clarification of this memo, call the Driving School/Traffic Violator School (DS/TVS) Unit at (916) 229-3127.

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