Occupational Licensing Industry News OLIN 2007 05 Notice To Dismantler REG 42

Notice To Dismantler REG 42PDF Version

New Information

The Notice To Dismantler (REG 42) is being printed without carbon paper inserts. The new REG 42 will retain all other characteristics (i.e., size, format, continuous feed ability, fan fold, etc.). The new paper contains a carbon ingredient that eliminates the need for a carbon insert.


Continue to use your current supply of the REG 42. New orders will be filled with the new version.


The REG 42 carbon inserts are no longer available through state printing.


Notification that this memo is available online at www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/olin/olin.htm was made via e-mail alert in SEPTEMBER 2007 to all dismantlers enrolled in the electronic e-mail alert service.

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