Chapter 21 - Special Plates

Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures

21.000 Introduction

21.005 Special Plate Applications

21.010 Environmental License Plates

21.015 Special License Plate Retention

21.020 Amateur Radio Call Letter Plates

21.025 Former Prisoner of War Plates

21.030 Antique Motorcycle Plates

21.035 Arts Council License Plates

21.040 Bicentennial Bill of Rights License Plates

21.045 Coastal Commission (Whale Tail) License Plates

21.050 Commemorative Collegiate License Plates

21.055 Congressional Medal of Honor License Plates

21.060 Disabled Person License Plate

21.065 Disabled Person Parking Placards

21.070 Disabled Veteran License Plates

21.075 Exempt Agency Plates

21.080 Firefighter License Plates

21.085 Foreign Organization Plates

21.090 Historic Value Vehicles

21.095 Honorary Consul Plates

21.100 Kids (Have a Heart, Be a Star, Help our Kids) License Plates

21.105 Lake Tahoe Conservancy License Plates

21.110 Legion of Valor License Plates

21.115 Legislative License Plates

21.120 Livery Plates

21.125 California Memorial License Plates

21.130 Motorized Bicycle (Moped) Identification Plates

21.135 Olympic training Center License Plates

21.140 Pearl Harbor Survivor License Plates

21.145 Press Photographer License Plates

21.150 Privately Owned School Bus

21.155 Temporary Registration for Exempt School Bus

21.160 Temporary Registration for Privately-owned School Bus

21.165 Purple Heart License Plates

21.170 Veterans Organization License Plates

21.175 Year of Manufacture (YOM) License Plates

21.180 Yosemite License Plates

21.185 Reassignment of Special License Plates

21.190 Transfer of Vehicle with Special License Plates

21.195 Special License Plate Interchange

21.200 Conversion of ELP to Special Interest License Plates

21.205 Duplicate/Substitute Special License Plates

21.210 Window Decals for Vehicles with Wheelchair Lifts or Carriers

Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual - Table of Contents