Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures (REG 611)
(For Vehicle and Vessel Transactions)

This manual is designed to provide dealers, registration services, financial institutions, and other vehicle industry with vehicle and vessel registration transaction requirements and replaces the Handbook of Registration Procedures.

DMV's goal is to provide the industry with the best tools possible to ensure that vehicle and vessel transactions are completed timely and accurately. Because we recognize the value of our business partners and the service they provide to the public, this revised and expanded manual was produced with significant input from members of the industry.

Toward this goal, DMV has created the Industry Tools page on our website to provide pertinent vehicle and vessel industry information in one convenient area. There you can find publications (such as memos and other manuals), forms, tables (such as VLF tables), and quick links to other programs and websites that may be useful. Please help us provide the best tools for you by completing the surveys for the Industry Tools page and for the Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures manual

The department also issues Vehicle Industry News (VIN) memos as needed to inform you of any new procedures and/or requirements that may affect your business and which may supersede or modify the information/requirements shown in this manual. You may receive immediate notification when a VIN memo is released or the manual is updated by subscribing to the department's e-mail alert service. To sign up, go to the Industry Tools page of the website for detailed instructions.

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