Senior Guide for Safe Driving - Table of Contents

PDF Version of the 2013 Senior Guide for Safe Driving

Where to Write


Part I: Recognizing Change

Debugging the Myth
DMV's Responsibilities
DMV's Senior Driver Ombudsman Branch
Your Health
Nutrition Checklist
Physical and Mental Fitness
Changes in Muscles, Joints, and Bones
Three Common Vision Impairments
Macular Degeneration
Cognitive Function
Effects of Cognitive Impairments on Senior Drivers
Some Causes of Cognitive Impairments
Medications and Alcohol

Part II: Assessing Your Driving

Driver Skills Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Part III: Making Adjustments

Staying Safe
Is My Car Right for Me?
Mature Driver Improvement Course
Restricted Driver License
DMV-Imposed Restrictions
Getting a Restricted Driver License
Common Restrictions for Senior Drivers

Part IV: Driver License Renewal Process

Written Tests
Vision Tests

Part V: Reexamination Process

How DMV Determines Reexamination
Crossword Puzzle
Word Search
Answers Medical Condition Evaluations
Driving Test
DMV Decisions Following Reexaminations
Duration of Suspensions/Revocations
Notification of Actions Taken Against Driving Privileses
Administrative Hearings
Your Hearing Rights
Reviewing DMV's Evidence
Presenting Evidence
Notification of Decisions

Part VI: When To Stop Driving

Warning Signs
Getting Around Without Driving

Part VII: When You Are Concerned About a Driver

Assessing the Situation
Evaluating Observations and Concerns
Things You Can Do To Help
Planning Alternate Transportation Options
Getting Additional Help
Taking Action
Anticipating Reactions
Help After the Conversation
Behind-the-Wheel Training

Part VIII: Resources

Driver License Inquires
Additional Website and Resources
DMV Resources