Health and Safety Code Section 43105 New Motor Vehicles

New Motor Vehicles

43105.  No new motor vehicle, new motor vehicle engine, or motor vehicle with a new motor vehicle engine required pursuant to this part to meet the emission standards established pursuant to Section 43101 shall be sold to the ultimate purchaser, offered or delivered for sale to the ultimate purchaser, or registered in this state if the manufacturer has violated emission standards or test procedures and has failed to take corrective action, which may include recall of vehicles or engines, specified by the state board in accordance with regulations of the state board. If a manufacturer contests the necessity for, or the scope of, a recall of vehicles or engines ordered pursuant to this section and so advises the state board, the state board shall not require such recall unless it first affords the manufacturer the opportunity, at a public hearing, to present evidence in support of the manufacturer's objections. If a vehicle or engine is recalled pursuant to this section, the manufacturer shall make all necessary corrections specified by the state board without charge to the registered owner of the vehicle or vehicle with such engine or, at the manufacturer's election, reimburse the registered owner for the cost of making such necessary corrections.

The procedures for determining, and the facts constituting, compliance or failure of compliance shall be established by the state board.

(Amended Ch. 1206, Stats. 1976. Effective January 1, 1977.)