Health and Safety Code Section 44011.3

44011.3.  Every motor vehicle that is subject to testing pursuant to this chapter may be pretested. As used in this section, a pretest is a smog inspection in which the motor vehicle is submitted to some or all of the required elements of the emissions inspection as specified in Section 44012, the results of which will not be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles and for which a certificate will not be issued. A person choosing to have his or her vehicle pretested has the right to have a complete pretest of the vehicle unless the person requests a partial pretest. If the person requests a partial pretest, the licensed technician or an authorized representative of the licensed smog check station shall inform the vehicle owner that the partial pretest may not indicate the likelihood of the vehicle passing a subsequent official inspection.

(Added Sec. 1, Ch. 938, Stats. 1998. Effective January 1, 1999.)