Revenue and Taxation Code Section 11004.5 Distribution of Proceeds

Distribution of Proceeds

11004.5.  The Controller shall deduct from the allocations he would otherwise make pursuant to Section 11005, the amounts chargeable to each city, county, and city and county under Section 40516 of the Vehicle Code, and transfer that amount to the Motor Vehicle Fund in augmentation of the funds available for the support of the Department of California Highway Patrol.

The Controller shall make such deductions at the time of the first allocation which occurs after the filing with him of the charges certified by the Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol. If the amount of the deduction for any city, county, or city and county exceeds the amount of the allocation for such city, county, or city and county, the balance of the deduction in excess of the amount of the apportionment shall be carried over and applied to the next succeeding allocation or allocations until exhausted.

(Amended Ch. 3, Stats. 1959.)