California Vehicle Code Appendix A Table of Contents

NOTE: Appendix A of the Vehicle Code contains "other laws relating to the use or the operation of motor vehicles" as specified in Section 1656 of the Vehicle Code

Pertinent excerpts from other codes are set forth here, from the Business and Professions Code through the Welfare and Institutions Code.

A brief Table of Contents (below) precedes the appendix

IMPORTANT: Some code sections in the appendix may not be current.

Code excerpts included within Appendix A

Business and Professions Code

Civil Code

Code of Civil Procedure

Constitution of the State of California

Education Code

Family Code

Fish and Game Code

Food and Agricultural Code

Government Code

Harbors and Navigation Code

Health and Safety Code

Insurance Code

Labor Code

Penal Code

Public Contract Code

Public Resources Code

Public Utilities Code

Revenue and Taxation Code

Streets and Highways Code

Welfare and Institutions Code