V C Section 109 Alcoholic Beverage

Alcoholic Beverage

109.   "Alcoholic beverage" includes any liquid or solid material intended to be ingested by a person which contains ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, drinking alcohol, or alcohol, including, but not limited to, alcoholic beverages as defined in Section 23004 of the Business and Professions Code, intoxicating liquor, malt beverage, beer, wine, spirits, liqueur, whiskey, rum, vodka, cordials, gin, and brandy, and any mixture containing one or more alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverage includes a mixture of one or more alcoholic beverages whether found or ingested separately or as a mixture

For purposes of the Driver License Compact, "intoxicating liquor" as used in Section 15023 has the same meaning as "alcoholic beverage" as used in this code

Amended and Renumbered Ch. 53, Stats. 1982. Effective February 18, 1982.