V C Section 1651.3 Commercial Driver s Licenses Military Veterans

Commercial Driver's Licenses: Military Veterans

1651.3.  It is the policy of this state to recognize the training and experience that individuals gain while serving in the armed forces of the United States. In furtherance of this policy, the department, in conjunction with the military services of the United States, shall develop policies to assist persons who are leaving active duty to obtain commercial drivers licenses. These policies shall not waive any requisites, fees, or examinations required by law for a commercial drivers license. These policies shall specify how this training and experience may be used to obtain these licenses. The department shall consult with the Department of Veterans Affairs before adopting these policies. The department shall perform the duties required by this section within existing budgetary resources of the agency within which the department operates.

Added Ch. 987, Stats. 1994. Effective September 29, 1994.