V C Section 1656 Vehicle code and Synopsis

Vehicle Code and Synopsis

1656.  (a) The department shall publish the complete text of the California Vehicle Code together with other laws relating to the use of highways or the operation of motor vehicles once every two years. The department, upon written request of any state or local governmental officer or agency, any federal agency, any public secondary school in this state, or any other person, shall distribute the California Vehicle Code at a charge sufficient to pay the entire cost of publishing and distributing the code. With regard to public secondary schools, the quantities shall be sufficient to provide one copy for each driver training and education instructor and one copy for each public secondary school library. In determining the amount of the charge, a fraction of a dollar shall be disregarded, unless it exceeds fifty cents ($0.50), in which case it shall be treated as one full dollar ($1). The receipts from the sale of such publications shall be deposited in the Motor Vehicle Account, with the intent to reimburse the department for the entire cost to print and distribute the Vehicle Code.

(b) The department shall publish a synopsis or summary of the laws regulating the operation of vehicles and the use of the highways and may deliver a copy thereof without charge with each original vehicle registration and with each original driver's license. The department shall publish such number of copies of the synopsis or summary in the Spanish language as the director determines are needed to meet the demand for such copies. The department shall furnish both English and Spanish copies to its field offices and to law enforcement agencies for general distribution and, when it does so, shall furnish the copies without charge.

Amended Ch. 818, Stats. 1978. Effective January 1, 1979. Supersedes Ch. 380.
Amended Sec. 8, Ch. 805, Stats. 2002. Effective September 22, 2002. .