V C Section 1676 Mature Driver Improvement Course Fees

Mature Driver Improvement Course: Fees

1676.  (a) A course provider conducting a mature driver improvement course pursuant to Section 1675 may charge a tuition not to exceed thirty dollars ($30).

(b) A course provider shall issue a receipt for the tuition it collects from an individual who registers for or attends a mature driver improvement course.

(c) The department shall charge a fee not to exceed three dollars ($3) for each completion certificate issued issued to a mature driver improvement course provider, pursuant to subdivision (d) of Section 1675. The amount of the fee shall be determined by the department and shall be sufficient to defray the actual costs incurred by the department for administering the mature driver improvement program, for evaluating the program, and for any other activities deemed necessary by the department to assure high quality education for participants of the program. A course provider shall not charge a fee in excess of the fee charged by the department pursuant to this subdivision for furnishing a certificate of completion or duplicate thereof. The department shall transmit all fees it receives for deposit in the Motor Vehicle Account in the State Transportation Fund pursuant to Section 42270.

Amended Sec. 2, Ch. 129, Stats. 2006. Effective January 1, 2007.