V C Section 1803.4 Personal Service

Personal Service

1803.4.  Any record regarding the providing of information pursuant to Section 13106, or record of persons personally given notice by the department or a court, by a peace officer pursuant to Section 13382 or 13388 , or otherwise pursuant to this code regarding the suspension or revocation of a person's privilege to operate a motor vehicle shall, upon request, be provided as follows:

(a) Immediately to any peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the Penal Code, acting within the scope of his or her duties.

(b) Clearly stated on the record provided to any court of this state.

Amended Sec. 6, Ch. 22, Stats. 1999. Effective May 26, 1999.