V C Section 1808.25 Parking Restrictions Residence Addresses

Parking Restrictions: Residence Addresses

1808.25.  (a) The department shall implement a program to provide residence address information to an accredited degree-granting nonprofit independent institution of higher education incorporated in the state, that has concluded a memorandum of understanding pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 830.7 of the Penal Code if, under penalty of perjury, the institution requests and uses the information solely for the purpose of enforcing parking restrictions.

(b) The memorandum of understanding executed by the sheriff or chief of police within whose jurisdiction the independent institution is located shall expressly permit the institution to enforce parking restrictions pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 830.7 of the Penal Code. For the purposes of this subdivision, a participating institution shall enter into a contractual agreement with the department that, at a minimum, requires the institution to do all of the following:

(1) Establish and maintain procedures, to the satisfaction of the department, for persons to contest parking violation notices issued by the institution.

(2) Remit a fee, as determined by the department, to cover the department's costs of providing each address to the institution.

(3) Agree that access to confidential residence address information from the department's vehicle registration database will be provided only through an approved commercial requester account.

(4) Establish and maintain a system that ensures that confidential address information obtained from the department is used solely for the purpose specified in subdivision (a).

(c) The director may terminate a contract authorized by subdivision (b) at any time the department determines that the independent institution of higher education fails to maintain adequate safeguards to ensure that the operation of the program does not adversely affect those individuals whose records are maintained in the department's files, or that the information is used for any purpose other than that specified in subdivision (a).

(d) Sections 1808.45, 1808.46, and 1808.47 are applicable to persons who obtain department records pursuant to this section and the department may pursue any appropriate civil or criminal action against any individual at an independent institution who violates the provisions of this section.

(e) For purposes of this article only, any confidential information obtained from the department for administration or enforcement of this article shall be held confidential, except to the extent necessary for the enforcement of parking restrictions, and may not be used for any purpose other than the administration or enforcement of parking restrictions.